This fall, BUXOM has launched the Full Bodied Buxom Lip Gloss that provides moisture, high shine and fullness minus the tingle. Buxom lip gloss has the best moisturizing formula for plumps lips, and hyaluronic spheres hydrates for a fuller and smoother look.

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The line varies from pure to medium; a number of them are shinier compared to others. They’ve got an extra smooth consistency that feels a bit thicker in the beginning but, settles right down to a glossy looking touch immediately after a couple of minutes.

Buxom Lip Gloss is basically an amazing mineral infused polish that has a very gorgeous shine effect on the lips without a tacky or sticky feel. This lip polish is ideal for any person who wants the pretty pout. This is because it is deeply infused with vitamins A and E. It also suits all complexions and skin tones.

Know More about Buxom Lip Gloss

In the Buxom Lip Gloss Set, there are about 31 different colours together with their shades of the Buxom Lips in three different types: Diamond, Original and Tint. While Original is shimmery, Tint is a sheer, non-shimmery yet highly shined gloss.

Diamond, on the other hand, is like the original but with a lot of shimmer that looks very pretty for evening dates. The most interesting aspect of the gloss is the beautiful packaging, the wide variety of finishes like milky sheer, pigmented and glitter, as well as the applicator.

Another benefit of the Buxom Lip Gloss is that it is safe since it is formulated without GMOs, triclosan, phthalates, parabens and sulphates which have very complicated side effects to humans. Listed below are the common ingredients used.

All original shades except the Krystal and Dominique contain hydrogenated polyisobutene, silica, tribehenin, and sodium saccharin to name a few. All tint shades are made of hydrogenated polyisobutene, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, yellow #5 lake, and red #7 lake, among many others.

Despite the fact that the gloss has received positive comments besides being rated with five points out of the possible five in many Buxom Lip Gloss reviews or bare minerals reviews, it is important to state that it is not 100% perfect.

Among the cons highlighted are:

The Bare Minerals Buxom Lip Glosswears off after a short span of time; one will therefore need to reapply constantly.

The lip gloss in question has a tube with very minimal amount of content, about 0.15 ounces. Normally, an average tube should contain about 0.29 ounces for the same cost.

Many users have also complained of the scent and tingle. It also goes hand in hand with the uncomfortable feeling while wearing it in cold air; some of them have compared the feeling to ice cubes on their lips.

Top Tips on How to Wear and Get the Right Buxom Lip Gloss

Women have a lot of options to take when it comes to what they want to wear. There are shoes, dresses, and hairstyles, and each of them have specific guides.

There are several factors that affect what type of gloss works best on a particular occasion like the duration of wearing the gloss or if the gloss looks too extreme for the whole outfit and bare minerals makeup.

Here are some tips of wearing a Buxom Lip Gloss best:

If you do not have full lips, make sure you wear light and frosted gloss. Those with extra full lips should only use a little of the gloss.

To ensure that you have created a smudge-resistant colour, apply the gloss and blot on your lips with tissue. Reapply the gloss. Normally, this is the only way through which the oils in the gloss will be absorbed.

If you are over 40 years of age, avoid using matte Buxom Lip Gloss; you will look prettier and younger with a little hint of shine.

The Buxom Lip Gloss is an instant way to create sexier, fuller lips. With one swipe, ladies can get those voluptuous kissers that they have always wanted.

Here is the complete line that Buxom Lip Gloss offers:

Boo Ya – Golden corral, peachy with a minor chilled touch. This works best when layered over a lipstick compared to being layered on its own.

Hot Mama – This is a pure, juicy red with just a little bit of shimmer. Since the pigment is not that heavy, it appears to be wonderful on its own and incredibly complementary to those who have medium to dark type of skin tones.

Sha Bang – A moderate shiny plum with pink shimmer. I have put on this shade a lot and really like the way it works together with my skin tone. The colour is not too dark which makes it ideal to put it on by itself or when combined with another kind of lipstick.

Va Va Voom – Dark, berry pink with gold shimmer. It is an attractive shade for winter and fall. It’s more pigmented compared to others, but very wearable and very glossy.

Oh La La – A creamy, pale pink without any glitters or shimmers. It is the ideal shade to be combined with a smoky eye. It really works well when layered over a nude lipstick too.

These lines of BUXOM lip glosses possess a very slight, sugary scent that I don’t really mind. Furthermore, I think they’ve got the ideal thickness for a gloss and have a delicate plumping effect without having to tingle or irritate your lips. BUXOM lip gloss is really worth buying a shade or two!

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