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Home Remedies For Plump Lips

Home Remedies For Plump Lips

1. Clove oil

Clove Oil works best in making the swelling lips into a natural pouty look. Apply the oil to the lips. It absorbs the oil. Thus brings you wonderful lips.

2. Cinnamon oil

Use cinnamon oil to plump the lips. It irritates the lip membrane but works well. This will cause the lips to look fuller, plumped and pouty. Try this oil for best use… gets beautiful lips…

3. Cayenne Pepper

Plump your lips naturally with the use of Cayenne Pepper. You will get a plumped and sexier lips… have a try…and sense the outcome…

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential works well. It helps proper blood circulation to the surface of your lips. It makes the lips swell slightly and perfectly cools the lips.

5. Lip Care Tips

  • Apply sunscreen on lips before going out.
  • Don’t peel dead dry skin from the lips.
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate the body
  • Never lick nor bite lips.
  • Use lip balm every night. Pure Shea butter is best.

6. Sugar Scrub

To keep your lips look glowing use sugar scrub for best remedy. Sugar scrub removes dirt and dead skin from lips. Your lips will be clean, full and pink… make a paste of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Apply on the lips… it makes the beautiful you…

7. Massages

Massages are great lips exercise for increasing blood circulation. It improves the texture muscles of the lips. It makes your lips fuller and nice. Aloe Vera, ice cubes massages is best to make lips look bigger. Have a try… It’s easy and free…

8. Lip makeup

One best way to create a fuller looking lip is lip makeup. A shiny lipstick reflects more making your lips look fuller. Do regular lip makeup for best remedy.

9. Olive Oil

Olive oil provides vitamin E to lip skin. Vitamin E moisturizes skin, makes it soft and smooth. It makes lips glow and full.

10. Capsicum oil

You can make lip gloss and lip balm from capsicum oil. It works to treat your lips…

11. Exercises To Get Bigger Lips

Lip exercise rids of double chin and tones facial skin. Do this daily for few months. It’s simple exercise but powerful help to get wonderful lips. Exercise yourself and see the outcome… it’s really great…

12. Honey or Beeswax

It suits best in making lips look plump and pink. Use honey or beeswax to do great works for you… it’s cheap but worth the use…

13. Sweet Berry Lip Gloss

This home remedy works well in achieving best lip plump.

14. Natural Lip Stain

Beet juice makes your lips to look naturally red tint. Rub it on your lips for best care…

15. Organic Lip plumper

Organic Lip plumper prevents drying and also repairs chapped lips. It contains natural and safe ingredients. You will get good, plump lips.

16. Toothbrush

You can brush your lips with dry toothbrush to remove dead skin off your lips. This gives smooth texture and makes lips swells a bit. You will get plump lip eventually. You can then apply lip gloss or lip liner after brushing. You will look great… wow! Do it often…

17. Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey if mixed together help to moisten your lips well. The honey gives a pinkish tint and lemon juice naturally lighten darker lip colour. So these two combinations create a perfect lip that looks big, plump and fabulous…

18. Glycerine

Glycerine is the best natural moisturizer that lightens dark lips caused by dryness. It treats chapped and cracked lips. Apply glycerine and get bigger and fuller lips.

19. Water

Water is the best home remedy for best plump lips. It hydrates the body and makes lips bigger naturally. So take plenty of water… you will feel younger… and much healthier…

20. Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is the best and easy remedies for dark lips. This naturally lightens your lips and nourishes lips perfectly. Have wonderful plump lips and beautiful smile… use Pomegranate juice…it works! All the best…

21. Sea Salt Scrub for Chapped Lips

If you have dry or crack lips you need to exfoliate it. Sea salt scrub soothes and heals the inflamed skin that itch you. This is the best choice to treat chapped lips… use properly… its result is effective, glowing, soft lips.

22. Egg Whites for Removing Lip Lines

To treat wrinkled lips daily you can use egg whites for best remedy. Apply this on lips and it will tighten lips skin and smoothes lip wrinkles. It’s worth a use… you can do it…