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Natural Lip Balm

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The lip balm is a fashion essential that both males and females can enjoy. It’s not just meant to be a beauty product, but also offers some health benefits that will help people feel good about themselves.

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Lips do not produce sebum, a type of chemical that helps in keeping the lips hydrated. Instead, the lips rely in other things like water to keep it nourished. This is actually one of the reasons why lips dry and get chapped easily. And no one wants to have dry, peeling lips. It’s unattractive and of course, unhealthy.

Aside from regular exfoliating the lips and removing the dry skin, it’s recommended to use lip balm. The best lip balm can change a person’s appearance by simply hydrating and nourishing the lips. The best lip balm helps in preventing dry and chapped lips.

There are some instances when the lips get torn up or bleed. This usually happens when the lip skin is forcibly peeled or bitten. Lip balm helps in speeding up the heeling process and developing a much better layer of lip skin. This new lip skin is smoother, softer and healthier looking.

But how does one know what type of lip balm to use? Do different type of lip balms have different effects and what are the characteristics of the best lip balm?

One of the characteristics of the best lip balm is SPF 15. A lip balm that contains SPF 15 or higher SPF, offers better protection against sunlight and UV rays. Constant application of this type of lip balm creates a barrier that protects the lips from harmful rays. Aside from that, research show that it also helps in preventing and reducing the risks of lip cancer.

Another characteristic of a good lip balm is containing natural or organic ingredients. It is best to use lip balms made from natural materials like olive oil, coconut extract, avocado extract and similar ingredients.

A good lip balm does not contain toxic and harmful chemicals that may affect the body and cause diseases. Check the label of the lip balm and make sure that it does not contain any of the following chemicals: saccharin, mineral oil, paraffin, padimate, poly paraben, white wax and petrolatum. These chemicals are considered carcinogenic and raise health alarms. Aside from that, most of these chemicals are created from crude oil, another toxic substance.

A good lip balm has a light and fine texture, that it can even be used on the face. It should not feel oily, sticky or heavy when applied on the lips. Go for a lip balm that doubles as a cheek tint. This means that the lip balm is made with high quality ingredients and has a fine texture.

A good lip balm goes a long way. There are plenty of high quality lip balms in the market. One just has to know what type of lip balms to look for. Remember to choose lip balms made from organic and natural ingredients. These are healthier and safer.

How Lips Balms Work

It works by firstly conditioning your lips & secondly by enlarging them – with both results achieved through a combination of the special lip plumping device and lips balm & lip conditioning cream. The lip plumping device and lips balm works by creating a tight seal & vacuum around the mouth & lips which draws fluid into your lips & creates an incredible plumping effect that lasts for 8 – 12 hours each time.

The device can be used 1-2 times daily & for only 2 minutes each time – to create fuller, dramatically bigger lips & more beautiful lips. The special lip enhancement cream assists with the natural lip conditioning & revitalising process.

Most of them do not work, or have painful side effects, like burning, extreme tingling or they cause chapped dry lips. On the contrary, Lip Plumping best lip plumper and lips balm is not a stand-alone Lip Cream – it is an actual medically designed lip plumping device and lips balm and cream that moisturizes your lips to keep them beautiful, while making them appear fuller & creating more beautiful lips and bigger lips.

Proper use of the best lip plumper can enhance your lips by up to 50% achieving glamorous style bigger lips and more beautiful lips. Our lip plumper and lips balm can help create that most sought after Hollywood look for glamour events such as weddings, school ball, job interview, dinner date, clubbing, girl’s night out, photo shoot, catwalk, audition, award ceremony and any other important event where presentation and good looks are essential.

Our best lip plumper and lips balms and lips balm are an all natural method of achieving bigger lips – no collagen or lip injections or cosmetic surgery required.

Our best lip plumper and lips balms and lips balm are suitable for girls, woman and men seeking to stand out with confidence. Lip Plumping and lips balms are THE most efficient way towards natural lip plumping without setting foot in a doctor’s office! You don’t need to consult with anyone, simply place an order & in the privacy of your own home you will be working your way towards bigger lips & more beautiful lips with our No 1 best lip plumper and lips balm.

Lip Balm Containers

If you’ve at any time skilled dry sore lips than you certainly know how unpleasant it can be. Ever not kissed your companion simply because your lips weren’t up to scratch? Maybe you’ve determined to miss a party simply because you did not look and really feel 100%. Luckily, there are millions of others out there who go via the exact same factor – some even on an every day basis!

That is why some smart person determined to invent lip balm – a wax kind material that can be utilized directly more than your lips. What the material does is hydrates the lips and will reduce dryness and chapping of the lips. Lips are vulnerable to sores simply because the layer of skin on your lips is very skinny and does not provide much protection to the severe weather conditions you are exposed to.

The balm generally comes in little transportable containers or tubes. The lip balm containers make it easy to go about your day and can then be taken out of your pocket and utilized as required.

If you suffer from lip conditions on a regular basis you’ve most likely tried lip balm prior to. The factor is you require using them on a reoccurring basis which can include up and be fairly costly. Fortunately, this is turning into much more common today which will conserve you some difficult earned money.

What you can do is purchase wholesale lip balm from an on-line dealer and purchases the containers in bulk. Many web sites will provide you seriously discounted costs if purchasing a large quantity, and since you are going to use them, there is no danger at all. Although you can purchase tons of little sized tubes, you are best bet is to purchase a few large tubs of the things and then also purchase the empty container tubes individually.

Lip balm containers come in a selection of designs and colours like Pink, white coloured, blue, eco-friendly and even those that sparkle. Whatever your type, keep in mind that lip balm is the least expensive and most handy way of addressing these bad lips of yours.

Best Natural Lip Balm

With the increased awareness of the damage chemicals and synthetic substances can have on our health, not to mention the environment, there are now more and more natural alternatives to health and beauty products, including lip balm, on the market.

Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives are now present in our cosmetics as much as in our food and drink. But paraben and chemical-free formulas have become extremely popular for those who are environmental and health conscious.

A product like lip balm isn’t too complicated a substance to create – a wax or jelly like base is required, added to which comes oils and other nourishing components to provide added softness and a smooth pleasant texture. But to make the lip balm taste or smell as delicious as possible, synthetic components are often used.

But by opting for a balm which uses natural beeswax and essential oils such as almond or rosemary rather than their harsher, often toxic and synthetic counterparts, the consumer can rest assured that what is going onto their lips, and therefore into their systems, is doing good and not adding toxicity to the body which may already be over exposed to pollutants and chemicals from the wider environment.

There are two options when opting for a natural lip balm over a chemically-produced one. Firstly, there’s now a huge range of natural, chemical free and often organic products which are available widely in drugstores and beauty outlets nationwide. These include popular brands such as Burt’s Bees. The other option is a little D.I.Y: lip balm is a substance which is very easy to make at home and with little need for costly equipment or ingredients.

A detailed recipe will be required, but the essential components include wax and oil. Added to that can be a colour – made by incorporating a few drops of natural food colouring or a small amount of a favourite lipstick. Then it can be fragranced with an essential oil, take lemon or geranium for example.

A drop of honey or vanilla extract can give a hint of flavour too. Then it’s a matter of melting the ingredients together, gathering some suitable containers, decanting the mixture and allowing it to cool. Labelling them so the content and batch data is recorded for future reference is useful too.

So, for the consumer seeking a natural lip balm, there are many choices.

Homemade Lip Balm

If you are thinking of making your own lip balm at home, one of the important things to consider is finding quality and affordable supplies. A kit will be ideal when you are starting this project, because you will have all the things you want on hand. In this article, you get an idea of the lip balm supplies that you will need for your homemade creations.

The following lip balm making supplies are available on the market as kits and at wholesale prices:

1. Tubes: You can find different types of plastic tubes for your line of lip balm products. These are available in multiple colours, shapes and sizes with the caps in varying styles such as the hook cap.

2. Roll-on Containers: These containers are available in glass and plastic styles. You can find the glass containers and caps in different colours such as bronze, frosted green or frosted blue. The plastic containers are made from clear Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and white Polypropylene.

3. Pots and Jars: The pots and jars for lip balm can be found in many styles as well as materials such as PET plastic. With the wide selection of containers on the market, it will not be difficult for you to find these lip balm supplies.

4. Tins: You can use tins to make your lip balm stand out from the rest if you are planning to sell your homemade creations in the stores. In fact, even if you are not selling these products, you could still put them in the tins to give as gift items. Essentially, the tins will be the ideal choice if your dream is to make a classy line of homemade lip balm.

5. Bases: You might want to use natural bases for your lip balm because these are much easier to use; good antioxidants and emollients and can save you time and money. The natural base can be made from soy bean, cocoa butter or Shea Butter, but you are guaranteed to spend less for them because they are available as wholesale lip balm supplies.

6. Flavour Oils: You can use these oils to add scent to your lips, but they are not actually sweet. These oils will help you to blend different ingredients to get fun and interesting combinations.

Here are some of the other homemade lip balm supplies that you can get for wholesale prices:

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Beeswax
  • Honey
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Castor oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Beet juice
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Lauryl laureate
  • Olive oil
  • Carnauba wax
  • Candelilla wax

When it comes to the marketing of these products, you can consider lip balm supplies such as vinyl bags, drawstrings, filling trays and more. You can also think about packaging multiple styles and sizes of your lip balm containers into vinyl bags and plastic tubes.

Remember that these are just some of the lip balm supplies that you will need to make your own products. But, you can do more research to ensure that you are using the right supplies and ingredients.

Best Lip Balm For Men

With the birth of the metro sexual, there’s been a boom in the market for goods which appeal to the man who is no longer afraid to admit that he takes a pride in his appearance. Men are now firmly in the targets of cosmetic companies who understand that they, as much as women, are mass consumers of grooming products which make them look and feel more attractive.

Like moisturizers, hair dye and cologne, lip balms are now formulated and packaged as male-specific products. They’re differentiated by their packaging, their taste, their smell and their lack or perfume or colour. So although for all intents and purposes they could be used by women too, they appeal far more to the male buyer.

And there are some clear selling points and sales messages which target men alone. They’re being pitched to the outdoor, rugged male who may have prolonged exposure to the elements. They promise to offer serious protection from sunburn, peeling and chapping which is ideal for both hot and cold climates and seasons.

These products largely provide a non-greasy clear formula which means men can use a lip balm undetected – leaving behind no tell-tale sign of its application. The formulas works just like they do for women – helping lips soften and relieving any irritation, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Lip balm has become an essential item in any man’s kit or weekend bag, offering protection from long periods outdoors when playing sports on both dry land and in the water. Skiing, water skiing, cross country running and football are just some of the areas where men’s lips can be exposed to all weather conditions, so a conditioning cream or balm is extremely important to avoid chronic chapping and dryness, which can lead to prolonged poor lip conditions.

But even for men who don’t spend large periods of time outdoors, lip balm has become essential to maintain personal health and a good level of grooming. For the office worker who spends hours each day in air conditioning, lip balm can prevent the lips from drying out by providing a layer of protection that keeps moisture firmly locked in.

Men who play a musical wind instrument also know the importance of keeping lips moist. Continuous licking of the lip area, which is a part of the preparation required before playing the flute or trumpet for example, can cause lips to redden and become irritated. A lip balm can prevent this discomfort from turning into more serious dehydration.

So it’s clear that men’s lips, just as much as women’s are sensitive to environmental changes and exposure to harsh conditions.

The lists of products below are hard working and effective, and go easy on perfumes, colours and packaging, making them ideal for men whose lips need some care.

1. MD Skincare: Powerful Sun Protection SPF 25 Lip Balm

If you need powerful protection from the sun, this is the product for you. Its SPF 25 will offer high power protection whatever the weather, even in extreme heat and cold. This essential prevention from both UVA and UVB rays is perfect for the man who spends many hours outdoors – a slick of this balm before exposure, then the odd application throughout the day will seal in moisture and protect well.

An added extra: any iron remaining of the lips from sweating or water will be removed when the balm is applied; ensuring lips are free from these extremely drying elements.

2. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm

For those who don’t want any sign they have applied a balm to their lips this is the product for them. But just because it doesn’t shine doesn’t mean it isn’t working really hard to make lips immediately soft and supple. Kiehl’s is a long established brand, so you know that a lot of research and development has gone into making this product extremely effective at both treating and preventing dry or chapped lips.

3. Smart Mouth Lip Shine Clean Start by Dermalogica

You can be guaranteed protection from this brand – the stalwarts of excellence in skincare. It leaves a subtle shine, which is ideal for the man who wants to accentuate his lips subtly, bringing out their natural vitality without being too overt. It does all the things a great working lip balm should – protect, moisturize and soften on the spot.

4. Simple Sun Lip Protector Factor 25

This is one the least greasy products around, so ideal for the man who doesn’t want to give any tell-tale signs away that he is using a lip product. Its perfume and flavour free too, which is also ideal for men who prefer a more straight forward approach to their lip care. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a soft option though, its formula nourishing and moisturizing and its high SPF of 25 means it’s a serious contender on the protection front.

5. Brave Soldier Lip Defender SPF 15

This is an ideal option if protection is required from the sun or the wind, which is one of the worst culprits for chapped, over dry lips. Thanks to its rich formula, which includes macadamia nut oil, beeswax, and Shea butter, lips will quickly become super soft and supple, and remain so under its protective layer which locks in moisture.

6. Jack Black – Black Diamond Formula Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

This product is on everyone’s lips, both figuratively and literally – one of the real hits on the lip balm market, and we can see why. It’s ultra0healing and soothing formula works really hard for dry, chapped lips but its light consistency and lemon, vanilla scent could fool you that it’s not that though a product. And an added SPF 15 component makes it another essential staple for the holiday wash bag.

7. Zinc and Aloe sunscreen

Exposure to direct sun which is amplified when it’s bouncing off water or a ski slope is essential to maintain lips that are healthy, soft and crack- free. This high sun protection balm is also waterproof, making it a must- have products for lovers of water sports. And the added zinc oxide protects further from the sun’s harmful rays.

8. Eco lips

If you’re the outdoor type then this is the lip balm for you. Because it’s got a high sun protection factor (SPF 30) it’s ideal for time on the slopes or the beach. And its handy design which comes with a practical clip means it’s always on hand when required, reminding you to reapply it to give them much needed slick of protection from the elements.

9. Exuviance Multi-Protective Lip Balm

Shea butter and kukui nut oil combine to make this a seriously nourishing lip formula for parched lips. A mild mint scent makes slicking on this balm a delight and the added bonus of micro exfoliants give the lips a gentle scrub as it is applied, helping to reduce fine lines.

10. Olivina Classic Olive Lip Butter

Thanks to a fantastic tasting and smelling blend of avocado butter, rose hips and rose bud extracts, olive oil, grape seed oil and beeswax this balm offers truly exceptional moisture to dry and chapped lips. Its wonderfully smooth and rich, yet light formula offers a real treat to all the senses.

Top Five Luxury Lip Balms

When it comes to the lips, there is a school of thought that it’s worth spending money on them to keep them well preserved and in tip-top condition. Some people may opt for lip plumper or even surgery to get the perfect pout, but there’s a much more pleasant, pain free and decadent way to do this: buying and applying a luxury lip balm from one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies to really make your lips stand out.

These are definitely the balms on the lips of celebrities and superstars the world over, as well as those who have more than enough disposable income to treat every part of their face and body.

But luxury products such as these needn’t be reserved just for those who have a bigger bank balance. Lip balms from these big brands are known to 1) work really well 2) last for a long time and 3) contain a whole host of highly effective ingredients which really deliver on their promise.

So, deciding to buy a higher end lip balm is actually an investment for the lips as well as the purse. Here are our top five:

1. La Mer – The Lip Balm

The essence of luxury which has a smooth ‘emulsion’ formula which works instantly on contact to relieve all major lip symptoms – from rough dryness and flakiness to parched lips which need an extra hit of moisture. Not only does it moisten lips that are dehydrated, it also prevents further moisture loss by locking in softness to prevent further damage.

The lip balm contains some potent ingredients to make it work as hard as it does: it has a patented lip lipid complex as well as a concentration of its trademark miracle broth which includes marine and botanical extracts and a range of vitamins to really revitalise even the most chapped and driest of lips. Mint also acts as a great nourished and comforter as well as providing a hit of refreshment. The product contains properties which insulate the thin skin layer from extreme weather conditions such as the cold and heat too.

2. YSL Exfoliating Lip Balm

If you have a problem with dry, flaking and chapped lips, a lip balm with an added exfoliator is a great combination. These hybrid balms work well as they contain ultra fine particles to help slough away the dead skin cells on the lips surface, revealing softer, smoother looking and feeling lips. This way the product can enhance the lip’s natural state and beauty, causing them to plump slightly and have a darker overall colour.

This latest product by Yves Saint Laurent gently exfoliates all lips types, not just those which are obviously dry and flaky, and gives a rich slick of moisture as well as a subtle hint of colour. It’s a great all rounder which delivers lots from its sleek, glamorous applicator. Lips are left with a feeling of ultra smooth softness, as if they had been slathered with a rich overnight mask, but in a matter of seconds.

Strawberry and sugar grains combined with Shea butter, apricot and macadamia nut oil delivers amazing levels of moisture which continue to work hard hours after application. They deliver a protective layer over the lips to prevent any further moisture loss and to guard against external conditions such as the weather and air conditioning.

3. Christian Dior Creme de Rose

This lip balm describes itself as ‘smoothing and plumping’ and a ‘must have care for damaged lips’. You wouldn’t think, by looking at the feminine, chic and delicate packaging, that this would be a good contender as a balm which deals with damaged lips, but looks can be deceiving.

Research has shown that rose petals – specifically essential oils from the Damask rose – together with an anti-ageing complex and soothing Shea butter leave lips soothed, softened and plumped. The seductive smell means this is a treat for all the senses.

4. Chanel – Hydra-Caresse Hydra-Treatment Lip Care

If you’re after a lip balm which doesn’t have an overpowering flavour or scent, this is a great option as it is extremely subtle. It’s minimalist in more than this way because a little also goes a very long way – just a small application is enough to keep this product working for hours. Its non-greasy formula is a plus, so for those who don’t like to show they’re wearing a lip product, this is ideal.

Thanks to its soft, silky formula, it absorbs easily into the lips and really hydrates them. Lips feel smooth and plumper and in better shape. The look is all natural so ideal for someone who doesn’t like an overwhelming balm which is heavy or greasy – this is the exact opposite.

And the packaging is all-luxury too, so it feels like a real treat each time you apply it. Despite being at a high price point, the product lasts and lasts – as you don’t need to apply very much – so it really works out at a good value for money beauty buy.

5. Lancome – Aqua Fusion Levres

This balm delivers a thick, luxurious slick of product as well as a really pleasant mint scent. A nice surprise is its pale shimmering tint which is subtle but makes lips look their natural best, with a hint of help: this is a good blend of a balm and a lip gloss.

It had great staying power so no need for constant reapplications – you know it’s working hard to keep lips soft and supple from the first application, and the fact that it lasts so long makes this another good value for money product as a little goes a long way.

And when it comes to special ingredients; it’s a real pampering treat for the lips – containing miracle minerals and skin drenching ingredients, its ideal for lips which are in need of an extra hit of moisture and nourishment. Like all luxury lip balms – the packaging is super stylish and sleek, making a great addition to any make-up bag.

The Best Lip Balms

It’s hard to imagine there’s space for any more products in the already crowded market place, but year after year new lip balms come out. Some prove a big hit and really stand out, others get missed among the crammed shelves all claiming to offer something new and unique for your lips.

After trawling drugstore shelves and specialist beauty outlets, here’s a top list of lip balms available now to help you decide which your favourite of the year is.

1. Yves Rocher Replenishing Lip Balm with Shea butter

This is a great all round product – so perfect for hot or cool climates, but it works especially well on dry, chapped lips which need an extra helping hand. It gets to work to soften and nourish the lips, leaving them in a healthy, fully hydrated condition after just a couple of applications. This is hard working stuff.

2. Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner

This is a beautiful presented product, which, like the rest of Jo Malone’s range, is chic, stylish and timeless. Don’t be fooled that it’s only surface deep though – this balm contains natural honey extract which acts as a rich, soothing emollient, ensuring lips remain soft and supple and delicately scented too.

3. Eos Sphere 

This has become something of a hit, and it’s clear to see why. It offers one of the most innovative and unique designs, which make it, really stand out on the shelves and in make-up bags. It also comes in a range of delicious flavours like mint and melon. But it’s not all about what’s on the outside. Its texture is ultra smooth, making it glide on easily and cover the lips with just the right about of soothing goodness. It’s on the low end of the price scale too which makes it ultra affordable as well as stylish.

4. Eve Lom Kiss Mix

This is the lip balm which has gained the ‘luxe’ label from one of the UK’s best loved skin experts. It has a soft, nourishing formula which works from the lips surface down, to nourish and protect. It also leaves a subtle pale glossy tint, so perfect for those who like a little shimmer to their products.

5. Carmex Fresh Mint Lip Balm

A new formula for the old classic which delivers tingly freshness to the lips and the nose, thanks to its refreshing scent. Like Carmex’s original product it is hard working and effective. And with a price tag which is very affordable, it’s clear to see why this brand has remained a classic for so long. Well done to Carmex for introducing a new twist on a firm favourite.

6. Juara, Candlenut Lip Balm SPF 20

You will be forgiven for being totally hooked on first use of this product, thanks to its amazing citrus flavour which both awakens and soothes the lips. It combines a SPF of 20 so it’s ideal for those who spend time out of doors in the wind or sun. And candlenut, jojoba and olive oil ensure it works hard on even the driest of lips. A bonus is its dinky compact container which will make a glamorous addition to any make-up bag.

7. Bobe Lip Balm

This balm comes from an independent Canadian company and its range includes more than 71 flavours, so there is bound to be something for everyone’s tastes. It’s a great product as it is neither sticky nor overpoweringly fragranced – subtlety is the name of the game here. Among its ingredients are a range of botanicals, including hemp seed, coconut oils, and beeswax. These all-natural products will ensure lips remain soft and smooth.

8. Lush Lip, Lime Lip Balm

This is another one for lovers of balms which delivers a hit for the senses as well as the lips. This manages to deliver a natural lime smell, rather than the synthetic scents you get from many products. And thanks to its combination of cocoa, mango, Shea, and coconut butters, combined with the real lime oil, this makes for an all natural and super-soft treat.