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Ultimate Smile Herbal Organic Injection Lip Plumper

Lip Plumping Technology is a well-proven technique that can be applied to most lip products. This technique involves repeatedly applying a product to the lips that orders the capillaries to open up.

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Syrup Cosmetics Lip Plumper,Derol Lip Plumper,Natural Lip Plumper,Lip Plumping Lip Gloss,Syrup Lip Plumper Day and Night
  • Our Lip Plumper Set is day and night lip beauty and care.
  • Our Lip Plumper promotes lips pump, fuller, softer and smoother.
  • Natural ginger extract and vitamin E are added to lip plumper to promote the growth of lip cells.
  • The yellow tube is suitable for plumping during the day; the clear tube is suitable for repairing and moisturizing at night.
  • You can enhance your lips the way you want. And then, create the hydrated and naturally plumper looking lips in seconds.
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Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme, 0.14 oz
  • TragBar und Multifunktion
  • Einfacheres Auftragen und weniger Abfall
  • hauttyp: Lips
  • haartype: Normal
  • Anzahl der Artikel: 1
Recommendation No. 3
City Beauty City Lips - Plumping Lip Gloss - Hydrate & Volumize - All-Day Wear - Hyaluronic Acid & Peptides Visibly Smooth Lip Wrinkles - Cruelty-Free
2,417 Customer Reviews
City Beauty City Lips - Plumping Lip Gloss - Hydrate & Volumize - All-Day Wear - Hyaluronic Acid & Peptides Visibly Smooth Lip Wrinkles - Cruelty-Free
  • Reclaim Lip Health — City Lips is a plumping lip gloss that provides both an immediate and long-term solution for your lips, helping restore the look of volume while erasing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Nourish — This soothing lip-plumper doesn't use harmful irritants or drying agents. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about painful burning or stinging just to get the full, plump, youthful lips you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Hydrate — Hyaluronic Acid, a super hydrator commonly used as the filler in lip injections, plumps, smooths, and moisturizes on contact, without the needle. It can also hold 10,000 times its weight in water, which helps keep your lips hydrated all day long.
  • Support — Oligopeptides, natural amino acids which support your body's normal collagen production, allow this formula to build healthier lips with consistent, long-term use. One study showed Oligopeptides to increase lip volume by 40% and decreased lip wrinkles by 29%.
  • Comfort — for ultimate all-day comfort, Jojoba Oil and Ylang Ylang flower oil help this formula feel amazing on your lips. Instantly, your lips will feel soaked in pillowy moisture that lasts all day.

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Over time, capillary structures begin to become more profuse throughout the lip tissue giving the near-permanent effect of plumping. After only 1 month of use, this effect is clearly visible and will continue to increase with continued use of the product.

Eventually, the lips will reach a plateau where they are as plump as they are going to be and won’t grow any more. At that point, a maintenance application is all that is required to maintain the larger lip size.

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Ultimate Smile: Herbal Lip Plumper

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